"This letter is being written as a strong recommendation for the services of SMP.  At no cost to our firm, SMP conducted a thorough review of our Workers' Compensation P Audits for a 3 year period. Because of their skill and hard work, we were able to realize a net savings in excess of $12,000 for the 3 years involved. The only monetary cost to our company was SMP's share in the recovery. In addition, all of the future savings generated by their work will be to our benefit without sharing with anyone. All in all, I do think utilizing the services of SMP would be in the best interests of any company seeking to control Worker's Compensation costs".

Eva C., San Carlos, CA


"I would like to share a very lucrative opportunity I recently experienced. I have been in the transportation industry in the Houston area for over 30 years. I have always had a PEO take care of the applicable areas of my company, and at no time ever realized the hidden costs that I was incurring over the course of the years. SMP was able to readily assist me in the recovery of paid funds. I was very pleased that there were no upfront fees or hidden costs from SMP, the only hidden costs were those from my PEO that thankfully Nationwide Risk uncovered on my behalf."

Mauris M., Houston, TX


"I would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to your company in regards to the Workers Compensation Audit program. Your staf was precise and positive in their dealings with us in evaluating our information. Because of this ef ort, we not only received a refund, but we'll also save on insurance costs in the future. I appreciate your   efforts in assisting us to obtain a refund and to clear up our Workers Comp insurance records. I'd highly recommend your services."

Sandy C., Lake Worth, FL



 "SMP was quick and ef icient in their assesment of our information. They were very diligent in their follow up with the insurance company and our company in making sure we received our refund in a timely manner. Their staff was very professional and couteous. It was a pleasure doing business with them."  Highly recommended for Workers' Compensation Audit.

Win T., West Lebanon, IN


 "I am writing in regards to SMP. I recommend them very highly in conducting a Workers's Compensation Audit. They were able to obtain over payment funds charged to me by my insurance company. SMP was very professional and I would use them again."

Robert C., Cranston, RI


 "We would like to thank you for all your work regarding the Workers Compensation Recovery program. We are very pleased with the ease of the process, we simply mailed

you copies of the insurance company audits and you really went to work for us. With no upfront charges and the no recovery no charge practice, the Recovery program was

a win/win proposition for us. The Workers Compensation Recovery program is a great program for companies that do not want to tie up people to work hours on their own

internal audits."

DeAnn K, Springfield, MO


" We are currently using the services of SMP. SMP is a wonderful company to work with. By utilizing SMP professional analysis, not only has my company saved money, but we fully understand our PEO costs now."  

Susan H., Doylestown, PA


 "I would like to take a moment to thank you for the time and ef ort your company put into the audit of our State Compensation Insurance. I would highly recommend your company to any other business looking to do an audit of this type. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. We recovered over $20,000 that we overpaid to which we were entitled and received a refund. I know that without the knowledge and persistence of SMP we would not have received this money. SMP went above and beyond the call of duty in its' patience level with my schedule andthat was much appreciated as well. Thank you again for a job well done."  Workers' Compensation Audit.

Kimberly S., Irwindale, CA


"We would like to of er our recommendation of SMP. We were pleased with their knowledgeable hands-on approach as well as the savings achieved going back several policy years for our Workers Compensation insurance programs. They did most of the work and our involvement required only a few phone conversations. We would not hesitate to recommend them to any business who is looking to save some premium dollars on coverages that are exorbitantly high."

William S., Warrington, PA


 "SMP recently did a work compensation audit for our company. We were reimbursed a considerable amount of money due to the insurance company having misclassified employees. One of these was the majority of our employees. For a number of years we had two dif erent insurance companies tell us that we should use a particular class code. In fact there was a very similar description which should have been used at a less expensive rate. Not only did this save us money on the audit but will continue to save us in the future. I would recommend using their services."

Barb D., Mexico, MO