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SMP is an Insurance Consulting firm solely dedicated to lowering the Insurance Expense

of our Clients



We have helped over 25,000 Businesses, Municipalities, and Non-Profit Organizations recover Tens of Millions

of Dollars in Insurance Costs SINCE 1985!


Experience has shown that nearly 70% of the Clients we serve, both large and small, have been overcharged by their Workers' Comp. Insurance Carrier!


Thousands of dollars
are at stake
each and every year!

Our Highly Trained Specialized Audit Team uncovers Inadvertent Errors and Mistakes made by your Carrier and Certifies an Accurate
Workers' Compensation Premium.
Additionally, Statute of Limitations in most states allow us to Re-Audit and Re-Coup Over Paid Premium 
from the prior 3-4 years!

SMP does not require
any retainer
or up front fees! 

We work strictly on a Contingency Basis Only!
Our fees are based solely on a percentage of
savings/recovered overcharges!
Clients, Insurance Carriers, and even Broker/Agents often miss deductions and discounts as well as Misclassified Employees and Experience Modification Corrections. Additionally, there are over 700 Different Business Classifications - Rarely Challenged!
That's why an Independent Review of your Workers' Compensation Program is a necessity in this very competitive world of today's Cost Efficient Businesses!