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Workers Compensation Recovery


As specialists in Workers' Compensation Audit we can help you recover lost revenue, and save in the future. There are over 700 possible Workers' Compensation employee classifications that directly affect the price of your premiums. There are also annual experience-modification calculations that could result in sizable premium increases. In addition, there are four other areas that could be incorrect.

  • Reserves not closed out at the proper settlement date.

  • Payroll exclusions that were not properly credited

  • Incorrect loss run data

  • Incorrect calculation of bills


Just one error in any area can be costly; and errors are common. That is why we are the premier national Workers' Compensation Auditing organization, with a history of saving our clients millions of dollars.

We charge no upfront fee for this service


Our confidence in finding errors allows us to work on a contingency basis.  We get paid only after you receive your savings. 

Subrogation Recovery



Locating subrogation opportunities in the midst of mounting personal injury claims is a time-consuming, labor-intensive process.  Not only does it take an expert’s knowledge of the ever shifting “no fault” laws, but it also requires the time and the staff to thoroughly audit every file.  

SMP Consulting Group is proud to offer our Subrogation Recovery program.  We have the experience and knowledge to find the funds that might have been overlooked.  Our services include the examination of both open and closed claims, arbitration, skip tracing, file overrun, payment monitoring and even outsourcing. 

How much money is your company leaving on the table?  Find out at no up-front cost.  We only get paid if we recover a claim.






The Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Recovery Program works in much the same way as SMP Consulting Group's flagship Workers Compensation Recovery Program.  SMP will undertake an analysis of your three-year payment history, an overall review of the contract with your PEO and a prospective look at two years forward.  

Among the items to be considered are errors and inaccuracies in the fees that you are paying, recommendations on how to recover any past overpayments and suggestions on how to secure savings in the future.  Our confidence in finding errors allows us to charge no upfront fee for this service.  We get paid only after you receive your savings.


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