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About Us

SMP Consulting Group is a leading national company whose personnel has a record of recovering millions of dollars in Insurance overpayments. We are experts in the field of Workers’ Compensation. Since 1985, our team has recovered over $100,000,000.00 in overpayments for tens of thousands of our customers. Our careful, experienced examination of Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums identifies errors and inaccuracies that can reflect significant overpayments.

There are thousands of possible Workers’ Compensation employee classifications that directly affect the price of your premium, as well as over 800 business classifications that are rarely challenged. There are annual Experience Modification calculations that could result in sizable premium increases. Just one error in either area can be costly to any employer – AND ERRORS ARE COMMON! Our exclusive software programs analyze Payroll Classifications, Job Functions, and the calculation of Experience Modification Rates. We work strictly on a Contingency Basis, and we absorb all of the costs incurred for the analysis. We are only paid on success.

The SMP Consulting Groupteam of Premium Auditors and specialized Attorneys are trained in Workers’ Compensation. We understand the classifications and calculations used to determine the premiums you pay. If there is an error, we will find it; if not, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are paying the correct amount. We produce refunds of your money, money that you may have been unnecessarily paying for a number of years.